Repair & Re-purposing of plastics
to Support Zero Waste
We are committed to preventing the flood of plastics entering our wastestream.
We do this through either the repair process to extend useful life or
by re-purposing plastic to give it a new life.
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Specialists in plastics
of all types
Trust BumperNow Collision Products to take care of all your
plastic part and component needs
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BumperNow's products are sustainably produced in the Lower Mainland with a highly-trained workforce who always put quality first Order Now
OEM Re-Manufactured Parts
With Just One Difference
BumperNow specializes in offering the highest quality OEM re-manufactured parts. By choosing BumperNow, you save money and make an exceptionally responsible environmental choice. Order Now
  • Circular economy

    We extend the product life-cycle then recover and regenerate material at end of service life.

  • Save Money!

    Save without compromising outstanding OEM quality. BumperNow makes this possible!

  • Protect Environment

    Save money WHILE protecting the environment. We believe it is not fair to make you choose.

  • Creating Local Jobs

    We create local green jobs & employ a diverse workforce. Our common language is customer satisfaction.

  • Innovate + Sustainability

    Without innovation, sustainability is not possible. If you have an 'out of the box' idea, talk to us!

Top 10 Reasons to use


  1. Save money!
  2. It’s OEM, so a perfect fit everytime!
  3. Bro, do your kids a favor and help the environment!
  4. Looks as good as new!
  5. You will reap the rewards of being a green-friendly business!
  6. Plastics take 450 years to decompose, you are helping our landfill! Let’s not bury the problem.
  7. 20 year track record of providing quality re-manufactured parts!
  8. We have got your back…we mean, your front and rear bumpers anyways 🙂 Perhaps headlights and taillights.
  9. Stock for over 50% of the vehicles on the road! Can’t find it anywhere? 🙁  Try us!
  10. Mo money, Mo money, in your pocket! Maybe you can buy another OEM re-manufactured bumper with the money you save!

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